Two months into the new job



As written here I took the opportunity to work in the mobile app development area full time at BMW.

Now I’m almost two months in my new job, and therefore it’s time to do some recap.


The onboarding went really smooth. I was able to become productive after roughly one week. Everything was prepared very well. I really like the new colleagues. They are very helpful and kind.


It is like a dream has come true. Finally working in the mobile app development area professionally is what I wanted to do for such a long time. I think I have to thank Corona to finally make this possible 😁.
The environment is very professional and full of competencies. So much to learn and plenty of discussion partners for deep technical conversations.

Of course everything is still new, and I learn new things every day. Challenging but so rewarding at the same time. I really like that.

App development at BMW is definitely different from what I expected. I already prepared myself for facing a huge and complex project, but I never expected it to be that big.
I like the role I have there. It is very challenging and diverse. Exactly what I like & need. It really doesn’t get boring 😁.

Hybrid remote work

This model works exceptionally well. Days at home make it possible to fully dive into a topic with a very low interruption frequency and the days in the office are really helpful to network a bit, get to know all the colleagues and use the opportunity to catch some colleague and ask some questions face to face as well as doing some bug reproduction with a real car.
From my perspective this model combines the best of both worlds and makes it possible for someone like me to stay where I live while still being able to work for BMW.
👍 Two thumbs up 👍

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